Financial Markets During the Crisis

Hans-Georg Petersen, Alexander Martin Wiegelmann, Risk Taking, Principal Agent Problems and Breakdown of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): How to Reestablish Safe-Assets and Capital Funding for Social Security? [download PDF]

Julián Llorent, María del Carmen Melgar, José Antonio Ordaz, Flor María Guerrero, Stress Tests and Liquidity Crisis in the Banking System [download PDF]

Tomáš Meluzín, Marek Zinecker, Trends in IPOs: The Evidence From Financial Markets [download PDF]

Stanislav Skapa, Commodities as a Tool of Risk Diversification [download PDF]

The Role of Education in Modern Economy

Elżbieta Jantoń-Drozdowska, Maria Majewska, Effectiveness of Higher Education in the European Union Countries in Context of National Competitiveness [download PDF]

Wiktor Morohin, Aleksandrs Rubanovskis, Directionality of Education – Balanced Education and Integration of Educational Systems in the National Economy [download PDF]


Antonio Mihi-Ramírez, The New Migration Flow an Analysis of Economic Factors of Poland and Spain [download PDF]

Michał Bernard Pietrzak, Interpretation of Structural Parameters for Models with Spatial Autoregression [download PDF]

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