International Economics

Andrzej Cieślik, Jan Michałek, Anna Michałek, The Impact of the Common Currency on Exports of New EMU Members: Firm-level Evidence for Slovenia and Slovakia [download PDF]

Krzysztof Beck, Determinants of Business Cycles Synchronization in the European Union and the Euro Area [download PDF]

Dorota Żuchowska, Assessment of the Central and Eastern Europe Economies in the in the Years 2007-2010 Based of the Model of the Macroeconomic Stabilization Pentagon [download PDF]

Knowledge Based Economy and Technology Diffusion

Karol Śledzik, Knowledge Based Economy in a Neo–Schumpeterian Point of View [download PDF]

Ewa Lechman, New Technologies Adoption and Diffusion Patterns in Developing Countries. An Empirical Study for the Period 2000-2011 [download PDF]

Justyna Matysiewicz, Slawomir Smyczek, Knowledge Creation in International Scientific Networks on example NetAware Intensive Programme [download PDF]


Michael Hanias, Lykourgos Magafas, P. Konstantaki, Non Linear Analysis of S&P Index [download PDF]

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