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Macroeconomic Factors Influencing Short and Long-term Growth

Bernadeta Baran, Budgetary Discipline and Internal Devaluation - Estonian Method to Overcome the Crisis [download PDF]

Rafał Warżała, The Impact of Business Cycles on the Foreign Direct Investment Inflows to Poland [download PDF]

Bartosz Bartniczak, Granting State Aid in the Context of Sustainable Development Principles [download PDF]

Innovative Potential of Economy

Robert Ciborowski, Innovation Process Adjusting in Peripheral Regions. The Case of Podlaskie Voivodship [download PDF]

Anna Stępniak-Kucharska, Regional Differences in Innovation Activities of industrial enterprises in Poland [download PDF]

Karina Sachpazidu-Wójcicka, Conditions for Innovativeness of Industrial Enterprises in Poland [download PDF]


Michał Bernard Pietrzak, Redefining the Modifiable Areal Unit Problem Within Spatial Econometrics – the Case of the Scale Problem [download PDF] 

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