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 Chosen Elements of National Innovation Systems

Marta Magdalena Rószkiewicz, On the Influence of Science Funding Policies on Business Sector R&D Activity [download PDF]

Małgorzata Wachowska, Excessive Accumulation of Knowledge as a Challenge to Science Policy [download PDF]

Bankruptcy of Enterprises

Katarzyna Boratyńska, The Theoretical Aspects of Measuring the Costs of Corporate Bankruptcy [download PDF] 

Sebastian Tomczak, Comparative Analysis of the Bankrupt Companies of the Sector of Animal Slaughtering and Processing [download PDF]

Magdalena Mosionek-Schweda, The Use of Discriminant Analysis to Predict the Bankruptcy of Companies Listed on the NewConnect Market [download PDF] 


Piotr Misztal, The Hypothesis of Jobless Economic Growth in the Global Triad Countries [download PDF]

Michał Bernard Pietrzak, Redefining the Modifiable Areal Unit Problem Within Spatial Econometrics, the Case of the Aggregation Problem [download PDF]


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