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 Effectiveness of Government Regulation

Tomasz Bernat, A Maintenance of a Dominant Market Position – on the Example of the Polish Post Office [download PDF]

Magdalena Olczyk, Structural Heterogeneity Between EU15 and 12 New EU Members – the Obstacle to Lisbon Strategy Implementation? [download PDF]

Institutions and Political Economy

Anna Ząbkowicz, Institutional Interests and Institutional Change. Poland on the Second Wave of Pension Reforms [download PDF]

Wiesława Lizińska, Renata Marks-Bielska, Izabela Serocka, Operations Performed by Business Environment Institutions in the Process of Foreign Investment Acquisition: a Case Study of Investor Service Centres [download PDF]

Tamila Arnania-Kepuladze, Institutions: Uncertainty in Definition of the Term (a Brief Look at the History: 1890-1930) [download PDF]

Maria Tyshchenko, New Political Economy Subject Transformation [download PDF]


Michał Pietrzak, The Modifiable Areal Unit Problem - Analysis of Correlation and Regression [download PDF]

Elnaz Hajebi, Mohammad Javad Razmi, Effect of Income Inequality on Health Status in a Selection of Middle and Low Income Countries [download PDF]

Ivars Brīvers, Alternative Views on Money in the First Half of the XX Century and Today [download PDF]

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