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Determinants of Fiscal Policy Effectiveness

Janusz Kudła, Agata Kocia, Katarzyna Kopczewska, Robert Kruszewski, Konrad Walczyk, Optimal Fiscal Policy in an Open Economy with Capital Income Shifting and Consumer Cross-border Purchases [download PDF]

Anna Moździerz, Strengthening the Post-crisis Fiscal Rules – the Case of Spain, Slovakia and Sweden [download PDF]

Joanna Mackiewicz-Łyziak, Fiscal Sustainability in CEE Countries – the Case of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland [download PDF]

Growth Based on Innovations

Arkadiusz Świadek, The Economic Cycle and the Innovation Activity of the Polish Industry System [download PDF]

Arkadiusz Borowiec, A Model Assessing Innovativeness of Administration Units Awarding Public Contracts as a Tool to Conduct Economic Policy of the State [download PDF]

Dorota Miłek, Paulina Nowak, Regional Specialisation as an Endogenous Factor in the Development of Poland’s Provinces [download PDF]

Jadwiga Gorączkowska, Technological Parks and the Innovation Activity of Enterprises in the Industrial Networks – Developed vs. Intermediate Regions [download PDF]

Tomasz Norek, Daniel Luis Arenhardt, Comparative Analysis of Innovative Activity Determinants in Selected SME’s in Brazil and Poland. Results of Empirical Researches [download PDF] 

Financial Economics

Aleksandra Pieloch-Babiarz, Catering Approach to the Dividend Payment Policy on the Warsaw Stock Exchange [download PDF]

Tomasz Sosnowski, Motives and Effects of the Initial Public Offerings on the Warsaw Stock Exchange [download PDF]

Aldona Kamela-Sowińska, Accounting Integration Issues of EU Member States [download PDF]

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