Monetary and Fiscal Policy

Magdalena Szyszko, Karolina Tura, Can Inflation Forecast and Monetary Policy Path be Really Useful? The Case of Czech Republic [download PDF]

Dorota Żuchowska, Accession to the Eurozone as Lithuania’s Exit Strategy from the Currency Board System [download PDF]

Beata Guziejewska, Designing a Revenue Structure in Local Self-government Entities in Poland: Taxes Versus Grants [download PDF]

Ágnes Sipos, Shared State Taxes and Tax Policy of Local Self-governments in Connection with Tax Morale [download PDF]

 International Economics: Determinants of Trade and Capital Flows

Andrzej Cieślik, Jan Michałek, Iryna Nasadiuk, Determinants of Export Performance of Ukrainian Firms [download PDF]

Elżbieta Czarny, Paweł Folfas, World Trade and Regional Trade Orientation in the Context of Forthcoming Transatlantic Trade and Investment [download PDF]

Dalia Bernatonyte, Estimation of Export Specialization: Lithuanian Case [download PDF]

Agnė Reklaitė, Globalisation Effect Measure Via Hierarchical Dynamic Factor Modelling [download PDF]

Konrad Sobański, Valuation Effect as a Determinant of the International Investment Position in Central and Eastern European Economies [download PDF]

 Labur Markets

Beata Bieszk-Stolorz, Iwona Markowicz, Influence of Unemployment Benefit on Duration of Registered Unemployment Spells [download PDF]

Mariusz Zieliński, Unemployment and Labor Market Policy in Visegrad Group Countries [download PDF]

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