Small and Medium Enterprises During the Crisis

Alina Gorczyńska, The Impact of the Subprime Crisis on the Course of Cross-border Consolidation Processes [download PDF]

Janusz Kornecki,  Elżbieta Roszko-Wójtowicz, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises on the Public Procurement Market in Poland [download PDF]

Marek Zinecker, Tomáš Meluzín, Private Equity and Venture Capital: An Empirical Analysis of Investment and Divestments Activity in the CEE Region in the Time of the Economic Crisis [download PDF]

Improving Financial Effectiveness of an Enterprise

Kateryna Antoniv, Olga Mnykh, Josyf Sytnyk, Problems And Perspectives Of International Companies in Ukraine In The Context Of Their Cost Increasing [download PDF]

Marian Turek, Aneta Michalak, New Performance Funding Models as a Way of Funding Management Improvement in Mining Enterprises [download PDF]

Izabela Jonek-Kowalska, Marian Turek, Possibilities of Improving the Efficiency of Mining Companies by Controlling Cost of Coal [download PDF]

Jolanta Gadawska, Effect of Provisions on the Valuation of a Company [download PDF]


Daniil Frolov, Anatoly Yakovlev, Threats and Risks of Nanoindustry Development [download PDF]

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