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Political Economy and Economic Policy During the Crisis

Kalim Siddiqui, Political Economy of Japan’s Decades Long Economic Stagnation [download PDF]

Michał Moszyński, Ordoliberalism and the Macroeconomic Policy in the Face of the Euro Crisis [download PDF]

Institutional Determinants of Macroeconomic Effectiveness

Elżbieta Jantoń-Drozdowska, Maria Majewska, Social Capital as a Key Driver of Productivity Growth of the Economy: Across-countries Comparison [download PDF]

Małgorzata Zielenkiewicz, The Role of the Level of Development, Geographical Factors, and Culture for the Efficacy of Economic Freedom [download PDF]

Kamila Turečková, Income Inequality by Method of Non-weighted Average Absolute Deviation: Case Study of Central and Eastern European Countries [download PDF]

Michał Pilc, What Determines the Reforms of Employment Protection Legislation? A Global Perspective [download PDF]


Jurgita Bruneckienė, Jolita Sinkienė, The Economic Competitiveness of Lithuanian-Polish Border Region’s Cities: the Specific of Urban Shrinkage [download PDF]

Vladimír Hyánek, Zuzana Prouzová, Real Structure of the Non-profit Institutions’ Funding Resources: Market or Government? [download PDF]

Nina Bočková, R&D and Innovations in Czech Manufacture of Electronic Products [download PDF]

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