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International Economics

Andrzej Cieślik, Exports versus FDI in Smith-Motta Framework [download PDF]

Mahdi Ghodsi, Jan Jakub Michalek, Technical Barriers to Trade Notifications and Dispute Settlement within the WTO [download PDF]

Justyna Łapińska, Determinant Factors of Intra-Industry Trade: the Case of Poland and its European Union Trading Partners [download PDF]

Joanna Stefaniak-Kopoboru, Joanna Kuczewska, Export Specialization in Services of the Visegrad Countries [download PDF] 

Capital Markets and Financing for Enterprises

Bogna Gawrońska-Nowak, Wojciech Grabowski, Using Genetic Algorithm in Dynamic Model of Speculative Attack [download PDF]

Krzysztof Borowski, Analysis of Monthly Rates of Return in April on the Example of Selected World Stock Exchange Indices [download PDF]

Tomáš Meluzín, Marek Zinecker, Trends in IPOs: The Evidence from CEE Capital Markets [download PDF]

Aleksandr Ključnikov, Jaroslav Belás, Approaches of Czech Entrepreneurs to Debt Financing and Management of Credit Risk [download PDF]

Knowledge and Human Capital as Determinants of Innovativeness 

Мarina Alekseevna Fedotova, Olga Vladislavovna Loseva, Olga Igorevna Kontorovich, Monetary Valuation of Intellectual Human Capital in Innovative Activity [download PDF]

Tomasz Kijek, Intellectual Property Rights and Appropriability of Innovation Capital: Evidence from Polish Manufacturing Firms [download PDF]

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