The State and the Crisis

Ali T. Akarca,  Inter-election vote swings for the Turkish ruling party: The impact of economic performance and other factors [download PDF]

Łukasz Goczek, Federal policy responses to the 2007-2009 credit crunch in the US [download PDF]

Krzysztof Rutkiewicz, State aid in the European Union competition policy in the context of the financial crisis [download PDF]

Paweł Umiński, The importance of the financial sector and its impact on economic system in the United States in years 1970 – 2010 [download PDF]

Education and labour markets

Liana Badea, Economic crisis and education. Case study: the Romanian educational system [download PDF]

Tamila Arnania-Kepuladze, Gender Features of Time Allocation, Gender Stereotypes and Labour Supply [download PDF]

Diana-Mihaela Pociovalisteanu, The Labor Market in Romania – Between Structural Reform and Current Adjustment [download PDF]


José Antonio Ordaz, María del Carmen Melgar, M. Kazim Khan, An Analysis of Spanish Accidents in Automobile Insurance: The Use of the Probit Model and Theoretical Potential of Other Econometric Tools [download PDF]

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