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Macro and Regional Development

Milka Kazandziska, Macroeconomic Policy Regime in Poland [download PDF]

Jadvyga Ciburiene, The Evaluation of Economic Development Index of Poland and Lithuania in the Context of the European Union [download PDF]

Monika Kondratiuk-Nierodzińska, New Knowledge Generation Capabilities and Economic Performance of Polish Regions [download PDF]

Remigiusz Lewandowski, Economic Sectors of Strategic Importance to the National Security. A Case of Poland [download PDF]

Stepan P. Zemtsov, Pavel N. Pavlov, Alla V. Sorokina, Specifics of Cluster Policy in Russia [download PDF]

Inna Semenenko, Energy Security of Ukraine in the Context of its Sustainable Development [download PDF]

Reforms of European Pension Systems

Sławomir Czech, Choice Overload Paradox and Public Policy Design. The Case of Swedish Pension System [download PDF]

Anna Ząbkowicz, A Paradox of Reforming Pensions in Poland [download PDF]


Ezra Davar, Unemployment: Walras’s Voluntary and Keynes’s Involuntary [download PDF]

Ashiqur Rahman, Mehmet Civelek, Ludmila Kozubíková, Proactiveness, Competitive Aggressiveness and Autonomy:  A Comparative Study form the Czech Republic [download PDF]

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