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Fiscal Policy in the European Union Countries

Adam Pigoń, Michał Ramsza, Impact of a Modified HP Filter on Countercyclical Behavior of the Swiss Fiscal Rule [download PDF]

Ryta Dziemianowicz, Aneta Kargol-Wasiluk, Renata Budlewska, Fiscal Councils as an Element of the Concept of Fiscal Governance in the European Union Member States [download PDF]

Małgorzata Magdalena Hybka, Allocating Tax Revenue to Sub-Central Government Levels: Lessons from Germany and Poland [download PDF]

Alicja Sekuła, Joanna Śmiechowicz, Systems of General Grants for Local Governments in Selected EU Countries Against the Background of the General Theory of Fiscal Policy [download PDF]

Monetary Policy and Business Cycle

Jan Acedański, Julia Włodarczyk, Dispersion of Inflation Expectations in the European Union During the Global Financial Crisis [download PDF]

Dominika Brózda, Transmission Mechanism of the Federal Reserve System’s Monetary Policy in the Conditions of Zero Bound on Nominal Interest Rates [download PDF]

Łukasz Lenart, Błażej Mazur, Mateusz Pipień, Statistical Analysis of Business Cycle Fluctuations in Poland Before and After the Crisis [download PDF]

Krzysztof Beck, Business Cycle Synchronization in European Union: Regional Perspective [download PDF]


Magdalena Osińska, Andrzej Dobrzyński, Yochanan Shachmurove, Performance of American and Russian Joint Stock Companies on Financial Market. A Microstructure Perspective [download PDF]

Edyta Łaszkiewicz, Determinants of Hourly Wages Inequality in Selected European Metropolises. The Results from the Multilevel Modelling [download PDF]

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