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Financial markets

Darko B. Vukovica, Edin Hanicc, Hasan Hanicc, Financial integration in the European Union - the impact of the crisis on the bond market [download PDF]

Agata Gniadkowska-Szymańska, The multifactorial Pastor-Stambaugh model: explaining the impact of liquidity on the rate of return based on the example of the Warsaw Stock Exchange [download PDF]  
Anna Wawryszuk-Misztal, Earnings forecasts errors in prospectuses: evidence from initial public offerings on the Warsaw Stock Exchange [download PDF]

Elżbieta Wrońska-Bukalska, Bogna Kaźmierska-Jóźwiak, Signaling hypotheses of share repurchase – life cycle approach. The case of Polish listed companies [download PDF]

Determinants of fiscal and monetary policy

Lucia Mihóková, Slavomíra Martinková, Radovan Dráb, Short-term fiscal imbalance comparison in V4 countries using a dynamic conditional correlation approach [download PDF]

Magdalena Szyszko, How the central bank makes decision on interest rates? A comparative analysis of forecast importance [download PDF]

Karolina Tura-Gawron, The Forecasts-based Instrument Rule and Decision Making. How closely interlinked? The Case of Sweden [download PDF]


Mangirdas Morkunas, Viktorija Skvarciany, Jelena Titko, Development of autopoietic economic structures in the Baltic States: analysis of factors [download PDF]

Wiesława Lizińska, Renata Marks-Bielska, Karolina Babuchowska, Magdalena Wojarska, Factors contributing to the institutional efficiency of local governments in the administrative area [download PDF]

Roman Šperka, Michal Halaška, The impact of sales service in MAREA trading simulation under changing environment circumstances [download PDF]

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