2017 12 3

Socio-economic consequences of (in)equality

Michaela Staníčková, Can the implementation of the Europe 2020 Strategy goals be efficient? The challenge for achieving social equality in the European Union [download PDF]

Marina Malkina, Contribution of various income sources to interregional inequality of the per capita income in the Russian Federation [download PDF]

Magdalena Cyrek, Social efficiency of employment in three sectors — a comparison of Polish regions [download PDF]

Business cycle analysis

Błażej Mazur, Probabilistic predictive analysis of business cycle fluctuations in Polish economy [download PDF]

Zlatko J. Kovačić, Miloš Vilotić, Characterising and testing European business cycles asymmetry [download PDF]

Jacek Pietrucha, Jan Acedański, Financial depth and post-2008 change of GDP [download PDF]

Determinants of baking sectors effectiveness

Artur Sajnóg, The role of comprehensive income in predicting banks’ future earnings based on the practice of banks listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange [download PDF]

Anna Iwona Piotrowska, Michał Polasik, Dariusz Piotrowski, Prospects for the application of biometrics in the Polish banking sector [download PDF]

Elżbieta Jantoń-Drozdowska, Alicja Mikołajewicz-Woźniak, The impact of the distributed ledger technology on the Single Euro Payments Area development [download PDF]

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