2018 13 1

Nijole Maknickiene, Indre Lapinskaite, Algirdas Maknickas, Application of ensemble of recurrent neural networks for forecasting of stock market sentiments [download PDF]

Andrzej Cieślik, Leszek Wincenciak, Intra-Industry trade in differentiated and homogenous commodities: Brander and Krugman models unified [download PDF]

Jacek Pietrucha, Rafał Żelazny, Magdalena Kozłowska, Oliwia Sojka, Import and FDI as channels of international TFP spillovers [download PDF]

Jarosław Michał Nazarczuk, Anna Krajewska, Local determinants of foreign direct investment in Poland: the role of relative distance [download PDF]

Justyna Zygmunt, Entrepreneurial activity drivers in the transition economies. Evidence from the Visegrad countries [download PDF]

Monika Banaszewska, The determinants of local public investments in Poland [download PDF]

Wioletta Wierzbicka, Information infrastructure as a pillar of knowledge-based economy – an analysis of the regional differentiation in Poland [download PDF]

Sławomira Hajduk, Efficiency evaluation of urban transport using the DEA method [download PDF]

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