2018 13 2

Janusz Kudła, Konrad Walczyk, Can fiscal policy spur fertility? [download PDF]

Michaela Chocholatá, Andrea Furková, The analysis of employment rates in the context of spatial connectivity of the EU regions [download PDF]

Michał Brzozowski, Credit volatility and productivity growth [download PDF]

Andrzej Cieślik, Jan Jakub Michałek, Process and product innovations, multi-product status and export performance: firm-level evidence from V-4 countries [download PDF]

Karol Flisikowski, Wioleta Kucharska, The condition of economies. Do most valuable global brands matter? [download PDF]

Agnieszka Małkowska, Agnieszka Telega, Michał Głuszak, Bartłomiej Marona, Spatial interdependence in property taxation: the case of Polish municipalities [download PDF]

Lukáš Melecký, The main achievements of the EU structural funds 2007–2013 in the EU member states: efficiency analysis of transport sector [download PDF]

Joanna Trębska, Household savings in the financial intersectoral linkages [download PDF]

Roy H. Grieve, A misinterpretation of Keynes’s concept of involuntary unemployment [download PDF]

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