2018 13 3

Marcin Chlebus, One-day-ahead forecast of state of turbulence based on today's economic situation [download PDF]

Mustafa Özer, Veysel Karagöl, Relative effectiveness of monetary and fiscal policies on output growth in Turkey: an ARDL bounds test approach [download PDF]

Aneta Kargol-Wasiluk, Anna Wildowicz-Giegiel, The quality of public finance in the light of fiscal governance concept: implications for the European Union countries [download PDF]

Jovanka Damoska Sekuloska, Causality between foreign direct investment in automotive sector and export performance of Macedonian economy [download PDF]

Magdalena Olczyk, Aleksandra Kordalska, Determinants of Trade Balance in Polish and Czech Manufacturing Sectors [download PDF]

Vladislav Spitsin, Alexander Mikhalchuk, Natalia Chistyakova, Lubov Spitsyna, Irina Pavlova, Development of innovative industries in Russia under unfavourable external environment [download PDF]

Dorota Miłek, Spatial differentiation in the social and economic development level in Poland [download PDF]

Joanna Węgrzyn, Does experience exert impact on a public-private partnership performance? The case of Poland [download PDF]

Beata Guziejewska, Anna Majdzińska, The model of municipal education expenditures in Poland. Policy, budget and demography [download PDF]

Mária Hudáková, Ján Dvorský, Assessing the risks and their sources in dependence on the rate of implementing the risk management process in the Slovak SMEs [download PDF]

Tomas Kliestik, Jaromir Vrbka, Zuzana Rowland, Bankruptcy prediction in Visegrad group countries using multiple discriminant analysis [download PDF]

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