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Marinko Skare, Małgorzata Porada-Rochoń, Tracking financial cycles in ten transitional economies 2005–2018 using singular spectrum analysis (SSA) techniques [download PDF]

Renata Karkowska, Igor Kravchuk, Identification of global systemically important stock exchanges [download PDF]

Galina Gospodarchuk, Ekaterina Suchkova, Financial stability: problems of inter-level and cross-sectoral equilibrium [download PDF]

Joanna Landmesser, Differences in income distributions for men and women in the European Union countries [download PDF]

Denys Verba, Alevtyna Kudinova, Absolute value and diversity of household spending: analysis on International Comparison Program (ICP) 2011 data [download PDF]

Krzysztof Dmytrów, Beata Bieszk-Stolorz, Mutual relationships between the unemployment rate and the unemployment duration in the Visegrad Group countries in years 2001–2017 [download PDF]

Kamila Bielawska, Economic activity of Polish pensioners in the light of quantitative research [download PDF]

Luiza Piersiala, The usage of the development pattern method to assess the functioning of special economic zones: the case of Poland [download PDF]

Arkadiusz Świadek, Piotr Dzikowski, Marek Tomaszewski, Jadwiga Gorączkowska, Sectoral patterns of innovation cooperation in Polish industry [download PDF]

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