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Andrzej Cieślik, Giang Hien Tran, Determinants of outward FDI from emerging economies [download PDF]

Marina Malkina, Rodion Balakin, Sectoral determinants of sub-federal budget tax revenues: Russian case study [download PDF]

Joanna Olbryś, Intra-market commonality in liquidity: new evidence from the Polish stock exchange [download PDF]

Egidijus Kundelis, Renata Legenzova, Assessing impact of base erosion and profit shifting on performance of subsidiaries of multinational corporations in Baltic countries [download PDF]

Anna Moździerz, Macroeconomic stability as the condition for Bulgaria to join the euro area [download PDF]

Inna Semenenko, Ruslan Halhash, Kseniia Sieriebriak, Sustainable development of regions in Ukraine: before and after the beginning of the conflict [download PDF]

Elena Horská, Serhiy Moroz, Zuzana Poláková, Ľudmila Nagyová, Ihor Paska, Evaluation of interaction between chosen indicators of development of regions in Ukraine [download PDF]

Lucia Svabova, Marek Durica, Being an outlier: a company non-prosperity sign? [download PDF]


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