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Thi Anh Nhu Nguyen, Jiří Polách, Iveta Vozňáková, The role of financial literacy in retirement investment choice [download PDF]

Eleftherios Thalassinos, Mirela Cristea, Gratiela Georgiana Noja, Measuring active ageing within the European Union: implications on economic development [download PDF]

Anna Wildowicz-Giegiel, The role of independent fiscal councils in improving fiscal performance of the European Union countries [download PDF]

Aleksander Jakimowicz, Daniel Rzeczkowski, Do barriers to innovation impact changes in innovation activities of firms during business cycle? The effect of the Polish Green Island [download PDF]

Jakub Janus, Real interest rate differentials between Central and Eastern European countries and the euro area [download PDF]

Tomasz Kijek, Anna Matras-Bolibok, The relationship between TFP and innovation performance: evidence from EU regions [download PDF]

Elżbieta Roszko-Wójtowicz, Maria M. Grzelak, Iwona Laskowska, The impact of research and development activity on the TFP level in manufacturing in Poland [download PDF]

Jaromír Vrbka, Elvira Nica, Ivana Podhorská, The application of Kohonen networks for identification of leaders in the trade sector in Czechia [download PDF]

Premysl Pisar, Diana Bilkova, Controlling as a tool for SME management with an emphasis on innovations in the context of Industry 4.0 [download PDF]

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