2020 15 2

Tadeusz Kufel, ARIMA-based forecasting of the dynamics of confirmed Covid-19 cases for selected European countries [download PDF]

Zbigniew Korzeb, Paweł Niedziółka, Resistance of commercial banks to the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic:the case of Poland [download PDF]

Jana Chovancová, Juraj Tej, Decoupling economic growth from greenhouse gas emissions: the case of energy sector in V4 countries [download PDF]

Michael Hanias, Stefanos Tsakonas, Lykourgos Magafas, Eleftherios I. Thalassinos, Loukas Zachilas, Deterministic chaos and forecasting in Amazon’s share prices [download PDF]

Dagmara Nikulin, Sabina Szymczak, Effect of the integration into Global Value Chains on the employment contract in Central and Eastern European countries [download PDF]

Arkadiusz Kijek, Anna Matras-Bolibok, Technological convergence across European regions [download PDF]

Leonid Galchynskyi, Estimation of the price elasticity of petroleum products’ consumption in Ukraine [download PDF]

Piotr Maleszyk, Arleta Kędra, Intention to move and residential satisfaction: evidence from Poland [download PDF]

Ekaterina Panova, Determinants of capital structure in Russian small and medium manufacturing enterprises [download PDF]

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