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Stanislaw Maciej Kot, Estimating the parameter of inequality aversion on the basis of a parametric distribution of incomes [download PDF]

Łukasz Dopierała, Daria Ilczuk, Liwiusz Wojciechowski, Sovereign credit ratings and CDS spreads in Emerging Europe [download PDF]

Martin Rigelsky, Viera Ivankova, Beata Gavurova, Martin Mudrik, The effect of the minimum wage on smoking-related indicators in selected OECD countries [download PDF]

Renata Marks-Bielska, Wiesława Lizińska, Magdalena Wojarska, Karolina Babuchowska, Institutional efficiency versus stability of local governments in basic areas of activity: the case of Poland [download PDF]

Lubica Bartova, Peter Fandel, Membership in agricultural producer organizations and farm technical efficiency in Slovakia [download PDF]

Robert Dankiewicz, Anna Ostrowska-Dankiewicz, Cagri Bulut, The attitudes of entrepreneurs of the small and medium-sized enterprises sector in Poland to key business risks [download PDF]

Mehmet Civelek, Krzysztof Gajdka, Jaroslav Světlík, Vladimír Vavrečka, Differences in the usage of online marketing and social media tools: evidence from Czech, Slovakian and Hungarian SMEs [download PDF]

Janina Jędrzejczak-Gas, Joanna Wyrwa, Determinants of job satisfaction in a transport company: a Polish case study [download PDF]

David Homola, Marie Paseková, Factors influencing true and fair view when preparing financial state-ments under IFRS: evidence from the Czech Republic [download PDF]

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