Knowledge and Innovation in Global Economy

Andrzej Cieślik, Multinational Enterprises, Foreign Knowledge Spillovers and Host Country Wages [download PDF]

Małgorzata Dolińska, Activity of Companies  in Innovation Networks [download PDF]

Anna Wildowicz-Giegiel, Intellectual Capital and Innovativeness of Polish Enterprises in the Context of Europe 2020 Strategy Goals [download PDF]

Małgorzata Niklewicz-Pijaczyńska, Community Patent to a New Development Strategy Objectives of the Union [download PDF]

Improving Effectiveness of Enterprise

Rafał Kućmański, Modern Approach to Organizational Resources Based on the Example of the Elbląg Furniture Cluster [download PDF]

Izabela Bednarska-Wnuk, Flexibility of Human Resources in Creating Company’s Positive Potential [download PDF]

Iwona Szczepaniak, The Global Economic Crisis and the Competitiveness of Polish Food Producers [download PDF]

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