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Meda Andrijauskiene, Daiva Dumciuviene, Alina Stundziene, EU framework programmes: positive and negative effects on member states' innovation performance [download PDF]

Aleksandra Matuszewska-Janica, Dorota Witkowska, Differences between determinants of men and women monthly wages across selected European Union states [download PDF]

Natalia Davidson, Oleg Mariev, Sophia Turkanova, Does income inequality matter for CO2 emissions in Russian regions? [download PDF]

Eva Richterová, Martin Richter, Zlata Sojková, Regional eco-efficiency of the agricultural sector in V4 regions, its dynamics in time and decomposition on the technological and pure technical eco-efficiency change [download PDF]

Krzysztof Waliszewski, Anna Warchlewska, Comparative analysis of Poland and selected countries in terms of household financial behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic [download PDF]

Anna Wawryszuk-Misztal, Determinants of board diversity policy implementation by companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange [download PDF]

Katarina Valaskova, Tomas Kliestik, Dominika Gajdosikova, Distinctive determinants of financial indebtedness: evidence from Slovak and Czech enterprises [download PDF]

Tomasz Sosnowski, The credibility of earnings announced by new stock companies: accrual and real earnings management [download PDF]

Ottó Bartók, Vratislav Kozák, Radka Bauerová, Online grocery shopping: the customers´ perspective in the Czech Republic [download PDF]

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