Development of Central and Eastern European Economics

Andrzej Cieślik, Jan Jakub Michałek, Jerzy Mycielski, Social Development and International Trade in Central Europe [download PDF]

Michał Moszyński, Exit Strategies From the Crisis on the Example of the Baltic States [download PDF]

Aldona Juozapavičienė, Agnė Montvidaitė, Peculiarities of Economics Recovery After Worldwide Economic Crisis in 2008–2009 [download PDF]

Financial Markets and Finance Management

Danuta Dziawgo, Investor Relations & Importance in the Global Financial Market [download PDF]

Joanna Zuchewicz, Dilemmas of Financial Reporting as the Reliable Information Source of an Entity Performance Results [download PDF]

Monika Grebíková, The Effect of Tax Changes on Financial Leasing in the Czech Republic [download PDF]

Mária Režňáková, Michal Karas, The Effects of a Change in the Environment on Business Valuation Using the Income Capitalization Approach [download PDF]

Grzegorz Michalski, Crisis Caused Changes in Intrinsic Liquidity Value in Non-Profit Institutions [download PDF]

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