Policy and Business Cycles

Andrzej Cieślik, Jan Jakub Michałek, Jerzy Mycielski, Euro and Trade Flows in Central Europe [download PDF]

Piotr Krajewski, Tax Rates Impact on GDP in Poland [download PDF]

Joanna Rydarowska-Kurzbauer, GDP Fluctuation and Changes in Consumption and Investment. Comparative Analysis of Polish Economy and Some Countries of the European Union [download PDF]

Ewa Szymanik, Business Cycles and Their International  Transmission – the Introduction to the Problem [download PDF]

Bernadeta Baran, Effectiveness of Fiscal Policy Coordination Rules in the Monetary Union [download PDF]


Ewa Lechman, Catching-up and Club Convergence From Cross-National Perspective a Statistical Study for the Period 1980-2010 [download PDF]

Joanna Błach, Monika Wieczorek-Kosmala, The Ratio Analysis of Financial Balance and Bankruptcy  Risk  of the Silesian Companies in Time of the Global Financial Crisis [download PDF]

Michal Pavlíček, Overview of the Situation on Photovoltaic Market in Selected Eastern European States After World Crisis in 2011 [download PDF]

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