Economic Integration and International Competition

Beata Skubiak, Challenges for Economic Policy in the Era of Economic Integration and Globalization [download PDF]

Tomasz Dorożyński, The European Union Cohesion Policy And Economic Development of Poland [download PDF]

Magdalena Raftowicz-Filipkiewicz, Nation Branding as an Economic Challenge For the Countries of the Middle and East Europe on the Example of Estonia [download PDF]


Beata Bieszk-Stolorz, Iwona Markowicz, The Impact of Previous Job Experience on Employment Odds in Szczecin [download PDF]

Tomasz Zalega, Rationality and Methods of Research Into Consumer Market Behavior [download PDF]

Radosław Kurach, Stocks, Commodities and Business Cycle Fluctuations – Seeking the Diversification Benefits [download PDF]

Joanna Hernik, Dana-Nicoleta Lascu, An Analysis of Social Campaigns Aimed at Reducing Alcohol Consumption: the Case of Poland [download PDF]

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