Anti-Crisis Policies in the European Union

Jarosław Kundera, Euro Crisis and the EMU Institutional Reforms [download PDF]

Myriam J. Maier, Potential Instruments That the ECB Could Take in Order to Face the Euro Zone Crisis [download PDF]

Jolanta Gałuszka, The Fiscal Union as a Remedy For the Economic and Financial Crisis in the European Union [download PDF]

Chosen Determinants of Economic Development

Gabriela Wronowska, Innovations and Sustainable Development Outlineof Problems [download PDF]

José G. Vargas-Hernández, Strategies for Creating New Business, a Sociocultural and Institutional Approach [download PDF]

Paweł Galiński, Activity of Microfinance Institutions in the Period of the Global Financial Crisis [download PDF]


Libuše Macáková, Selected Problems of Integrationof Foreigners in the Czech Republic [download PDF]

Tetiana Maksimovna Bogolib, The Public Sector of MixedEconomy in the Modern World [download PDF]

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