Growth determinants

Katarzyna Andrzejczak, Structural transformation as determinant of growth in the best performing sub-Saharan African states [download PDF]

Irena Mačerinskienė, Rasa Aleknavičiūtė, National intellectual capital influence on economic growth [download PDF]

Piotr Wójcik, Poland vs Spain in the first decade after EU accession. Parallel convergence patterns? [download PDF]

Wojciech Kisiała, Katarzyna Suszyńska, Economic growth vs. convergence and divergence trends across Central and Eastern European countries [download PDF]

Jana Kotlebova, Maria Siranova, Stimulating economic recovery through EA growth poles: call for more directed unconventional monetary policy measures? [download PDF]

Financial markets

Paweł Śliwiński, Maciej Łobza, The impact of global risk on the performance of socially responsible and conventional stock [download PDF]

Aleksandra Pieloch-Babiarz, Determinants of payout policy and investment attractiveness of companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange [download PDF]

Tomasz Sosnowski, Earnings management and the floatation structure: empirical evidence from Polish IPOs [download PDF]

Labour markets

Michał Pilc, Cultural, political and economic roots, of the efficient labor market institutional framework [download PDF]

Beata Bieszk-Stolorz, Gender as determinant factor of routes for registered unemployment exit [download PDF]

Bankruptcy prediction methods

Tomasz Berent, Bogusław Bławat, Marek Dietl, Przemysław Krzyk , Radosław Rejman, Firm's default - new methodological approach and preliminary evidence from Poland [download PDF]

Maria Misankova and Tomas Kliestik, LOGIT and PROBIT application for the prediction of bankruptcy in Slovak companies [download PDF]

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